A recipe for maths success

Two young girls and woman baking
Primary school 5-11 years

You can enrich your child’s maths skills and have fun together by encouraging their participation in the kitchen.

Here’s how:

  • Firstly, the kitchen has many hazards and it is important to supervise your child to minimise the risk of injury or fire.
  • Give your child tasks that will help them learn. For instance:
    • Put ingredients and measuring implements on the table. Ask your child to line them up from smallest (such as a teaspoon), through to the biggest (such as a measuring jug). This activity teaches them comparisons.
    • Read through the recipe together.
    • Encourage your child to work out recipe solutions by saying things such as, ‘We need to double this recipe and it calls for half a cup of flour, so how much should we put in?’. This activity helps with fractions and multiplication.
    • Try and incorporate problem solving into other cooking situations. For instance, you might be planning a birthday party for 10 friends. If you make 20 sandwiches, how many sandwiches will each person get? This activity will help with division.

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