Benefits of extracurricular activities

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Primary school 4-12 years

Your child might be interested in some out of school hours activities, such as sport, music and various clubs—these extracurricular activities can enrich their learning within school hours.


There are many studies suggesting students who participate in sporting activities are more likely to achieve academically, have healthier lifestyles and develop greater social skills. These can be team sports such as cricket and netball, or individual/group activities like dancing and athletics.


Strategy and logic games, such as chess, stimulate a child’s brain and help them with problem solving and maths.


Music is an incredibly powerful learning tool. Children can learn literacy and maths skills, and by joining a group music activity such as a choir or a band, they are gaining social skills at the same time.

Group organised activities

Group organised activities, such as Scouts or Guides, help children learn practical skills, such as map and compass reading. These activities also promote problem-solving, independent-thinking and social skills.

One or two activities

Your child does not need to cram their days with many extracurricular activities, but one or two activities out of school hours can certainly enhance their learning.

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