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Did you know a simple ball can be a fantastic educational toy? Balls can assist with your baby’s early development including spatial awareness and hand/eye coordination. Here are some simple ball activities you can try with your baby.

Balls for babies

Balls are great toys for babies. Babies can roll, toss, chew and eventually learn to catch soft cloth balls. Any kind of soft ball will do – just make sure that it is large enough so that your little one is not able to swallow it. Little babies will especially love soft, squishy balls, or ones that jingle and chime.


This is a great way to keep your little one entertained during “tummy time”. Place a soft ball in front of your baby and show them how it rolls. Encourage them to push the ball to see it roll. Roll the ball back to them when it gets out of reach. When your baby starts crawling, they will enjoy chasing the rolling ball.


When your baby is able to sit upright, sit on the floor facing them and roll a ball towards them. Encourage your baby to roll the ball back to you – and remember to give them lots of praise, smiles and cuddles when they do!

Baby bowling

Put some light objects such as plastic cups on the floor and encourage your baby to knock them over with a soft ball.

Gentle ball massage

When your baby is relaxed and calm, try using a soft ball and gently roll it across your little one’s tummy and up and down their arms and legs. During tummy time, you can also try rolling the ball gently down your baby’s back, shoulders, arms and legs. This will help develop your baby’s sense of touch and body awareness and is also great for their overall health and well-being.

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