Camps can be cool

School children in a tent at school camp
Primary school 8-12 years

Camps can help your child to develop many skills, such as teamwork, negotiation and map reading.

All sorts of skills

Organised school activities like camps promote your child’s social skills, as they encourage sharing, peer interaction and negotiation. At the same time, your child will be practising problem solving and independent thinking. Your child will also develop skills relating to school subjects such as map reading, navigation, singing and hiking.

Help them be prepared

If your child is going on a school camp, talk to them about the activities they might participate in and help them get organised and packed for their time away. When your child returns from the camp, engage in conversation with them about the things they enjoyed most or found most challenging and/or rewarding.

Lots of ways to camp

If your child does not go on a school camp, they can have just as much fun with you on a camping trip or activity. Consider taking them on a weekend camping expedition, pitching a tent in your backyard, or creating an indoor cubby and having a home-camping experience one night.

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