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High school 15-18 years

By the time your child reaches Year 10, they will be starting to think about their future. Do they want to go to pursue a vocational pathway or head to university? Is there a particular career or pursuit they are passionate about? Are they more suited to some subjects than others? Are there some areas of study more likely to suit their talents than others?

All these questions are important to help them choose the best subjects to study in Years 11 and 12.

Research shows that students achieve better in the subjects they’re most interested in. That means the subjects they enjoy and are good at are more likely to lead them to a career they enjoy too.

However, when choosing subjects, it is also important to keep in mind any subjects that may be needed for a particular course they may wish to consider.

Most schools offer vocational education and training (VET) courses including school-based apprenticeships. These units equip students with workplace skills and knowledge through nationally recognised training.

You can take this further by helping your child to fully understand their interests, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, skills and what is important to them. Be sure to discuss the importance of gaining employability skills.

The great thing is that a career or study choice made today does not limit a person’s range of choices in the future. It’s no longer common or necessary for people to stay in the same job or even the same field of work for their entire life.

Ask your child if they have thought about different types of further learning and whether they have talked to their school career adviser.

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