Does music help with study?

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High school 14-18 years

Your teen might find that listening to music helps them study. Music can help to relax the mind, reduce distractions and improve focus on the task at hand. Find out how your teen can use music to make their study time more effective.

What music to listen to?

So, what music is the best for your teen to listen to while studying? Basically anything that’s not too distracting.  It’s best to choose music that doesn’t have lyrics – the words can disturb thought patterns. Classical music (especially ‘baroque’ music, like Vivaldi and Bach) is gentle to listen to, and contains calming and structured rhythms and tones that can help with revision. ‘Ambient’ music or electronic ‘chill out’ music can also relax the mind and help your teen concentrate better while they study.

Sleep patterns

Music can also help your teen sleep better. Classical music is a good choice again, because it can help to calm  the mind. Dozing off at night with some relaxing music playing softly near their bed can help your teen feel refreshed and alert at school the next day.

Where to find music

Your local library will stock a range of music CDs which your teen can borrow for their study. There are lots of music sites online, as well as radio stations (AM/FM and digital) that your teen can listen to while they study. You can also find lots of great playlists online – just search for ‘music for study playlist’.

Fun fact…
Have you heard about the “Mozart Effect”?

Researchers coined the phrase the “Mozart Effect” based on studies by French researcher Dr Alfred Tomatis. Dr Tomatis posed the idea that listening to Mozart’s music may encourage a short-term improvement in certain mental tasks.

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