Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Easter eggs lying in the grass with a blurred image of a child in the background
Primary school 4-12 years

Are you planning an Easter egg hunt for your kids this Easter? Add in a few clues to challenge their thinking skills and you’ve got yourself an Easter egg treasure hunt! Here’s how to do it.

An Easter egg treasure hunt is a great activity for the kids – they’ll love running around searching for their chocolate treats, and by giving them clues, you can challenge their thinking skills and encourage them to analyse pieces of text. If you have more than one child playing, following the clues together can also help improve their ability to cooperate and work together as a team.

What to do:

Come up with a series of clues for different places around your house where you could hide some eggs. Here are some examples:

  • Keep thinking now and use your head, why don’t you go and check in your…? (Bed)
  • You are certainly not a fool, check where things are kept cool. (Fridge or freezer)
  • Do you need to sit down and have a rest? Which place do you think is best? (Couch)

For some more clue ideas, try googling “Easter egg hunt clues” – you’ll find some complete sets of clues already written for you.

Next, place a small bundle of eggs in each location – make sure there is enough for one egg per child. Place the next clue with the bundle of eggs.

Then set your children loose! Give them the first clue and encourage them to work together to solve it. Your children will love the challenge of making sense of the clues by analysing the language and thinking about different locations around your house. If you don’t want to give your children chocolate, try hiding something else –stickers, small toys or marbles would work just as well!

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