Exams: getting off to a good start

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High school 12-15 years

Learning to prepare for exams in the early years of high school can help your teen manage the exams they will have later on. You can support your teen to do their best in school exams by helping them develop strong study habits and exam techniques. Here’s how:

What are exams?

It’s a good idea to start having little discussions with your teen about exams and what they are. Explain that exams are a way of looking at their progress at school and helping them to consolidate their learning. Ask your teen about how they’re feeling about their exams and encourage them to see exams as positive experiences – they are an opportunity to demonstrate how much they have learned, and find out where they need to focus more effort.

Study tips

The early high school years are a great time for your teen to develop systems and routines for studying. Talk to your teen about planning and goal setting, the importance of revision and ways to summarise. You could also use this time to talk about techniques to help with exam stress, such as deep breathing, good nutrition, regular exercise and the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Time management

Learning how to manage their time will help your teen to achieve their learning goals.  It’s a good idea to take advantage of the exams in these early years to talk about study schedules and routines with your teen.

Positive expectations

Your teen will learn and perform better when they know you believe in them. Talk positively about their exams, work on goals together and keep looking forward. Positive feedback like “You have been doing a great job in preparing for this exam – I am sure you will do well!” will boost their confidence and help them with their learning.

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