Five fun tips for literacy

Father and young daughter reading a book
Early years 2-5 years

Here are five tips to help your child’s literacy development that can be done together in the car, while getting dressed or at the bus stop:


Singing teaches children skills for memory, language and communication. It helps them learn to shape words with their tongue and lips, which assists with talking. For example, singing nursery rhymes is fun and children love them.

Play rhyming games

Play games involving rhyming. Start a sentence for them: ‘A little fish had a wish …’ This can turn into lots of fun.

Play sound and word games

Take turns identifying 10 words that begin with a simple sound such as ‘B’.

Create stories together

Start a story for your child: ‘A cat went to the shops’. Let your child create the next part of the story. Take turns making the story as funny and interesting as you like.

We love books

Read a book together and then spend time talking about it. Examine how the words sound and the shape our mouths make when saying the sounds. Talk about words that rhyme with those in the book. Use the picture cues in the book to guess what the story is about. Name the objects and colours in the book.

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