Grass head

Wheat grass growing
Primary school 5-10 years

You can encourage a love of science in your child simply by doing fun learning activities together. This easy activity will help your child learn about nature, nutrition and develop self-confidence through responsibility.

Here’s what you need

  • An orange,
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Seeds (these can be any kind of seeds, such as bird seed, chives or parsley)

Here’s what to do

Cut the top off the orange and scoop out the flesh (you can use the flesh to make some juice – or eat it as is!)

Fill the hollowed out orange with damp cotton wool balls, and cover them with the seeds.

Encourage your child to draw a face on the orange.

Place the orange in a sunny spot.

Over the next couple of weeks, your child’s orange, or ‘grass head’ should start growing “hair”.

Encourage your child to nurture the grass head by making sure the cottonwool balls are kept moist and trimming the hair when it gets too long.

Use the grass head to have a discussion with your child about the importance of sunlight, how plants grow, and nutrition. You could even talk about the process of photosynthesis with older children.

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