Highchair games make learning fun

Baby in highchair
Early years Birth to 2 years

A child’s highchair can be a great place to play learning games. It also means you can get on with preparing dinner while keeping your child entertained. Here are some popular highchair games:

Pasta pick-up

Tip a handful of dry pasta onto your child’s highchair tray. They will shriek with excitement trying to pick them up. This is an excellent activity for fine motor skills.

Squishy paintbag

Fill a Ziploc bag with a couple of squirts of acrylic paint. Once you have securely sealed the bag, tape it to the highchair tray. Your child will love pressing into the bag with their fingers and making designs in the paint.


Put a plastic mixing bowl upside down on the tray and give your child a wooden spoon to bang it with. This will enhance your child’s music skills.

Talk about cooking

Talk to your child about the cooking process. Ask them about the colour, smells and tastes. Count out loud as you use ingredients so your child picks up early maths skills.

Sing songs about your day

Make up songs about what your child did today. A silly song like this, for instance, ‘You had your brekky then you painted a flower and played with play dough’.

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