Holiday Movie-Making Marathon! For teens

Box of popcorn and a film slate
High school 11-18 years

These holidays, instead of just having a traditional movie marathon, why not encourage your teen to make their own movie? They will be practising their literacy and technology skills over the break, and having a lot of fun too! Find out more.

The summer break is a great opportunity for your teen to get stuck into a project. Making a movie can develop critical thinking, literacy, social, technical and artistic skills – and it’s a fun activity your teen can do with their friends over the holidays too. They will also enjoy showing you their finished product when it’s all done!

There are lots of different ways your teen could make a movie.  They could use old photos, animate their own short film, make a documentary, make a stop motion movie, interview friends and family about a topic they’re interested in, recreate their favourite film, or write, direct and star in their own movie!

What you need

  • An idea
  • A camera ( or smart-device)
  • A computer (or smart-device)
  • Movie-making software
  • Actors, props and costumes (optional)

How you can help

Talk to your teen about what they would like to make a movie about.  Help them come up with inspiration for the story line, or a topic for their movie – it could be anything they’re interested in!

Talk to your teen about the type of movie they would be interested in making.  Search online together for tutorials to help them get started (for example, you could search for ‘how to make a stop motion movie’).

Help your teen find some movie making software to edit their video. There are plenty of apps and programs out there that teens can easily use. Most mobile devices will already have movie maker software installed – or you could help your teen download an app or software that suits the type of movie they are planning to make (just search online for ‘movie making software/app’).

If you have younger children, encourage your teen to involve them in the process. Perhaps they could create a character for their younger brother or sister, so they can be involved in the creative process as well!

Let your teen search the house for props and costumes – they could even create their own from some recycled materials they find.

It’s show-time!

When your teen has completed their movie, be sure to make an event out of showing it! Prepare some movie snacks to share and watch the final product together. Remember to let your teen know you’re proud of their hard work and creativity!

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