Homework tips

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High school 12-18 years

It is true, that teaching and learning have changed a lot since you were at school. However, you can still help your child with their learning at home.

Try to stay involved

You don’t need to know everything your teen is learning in high school to support them with homework. Just being there, showing interest and listening to them can help make your child feel supported—even if you can’t help with the subject matter itself.

Explaining deepens learning

A good way to help your teenager with their homework is to ask them if you can look through their class workbook together. Get them to explain some examples that they have completed in class. Explaining the processes to you will deepen their understanding. If your teen has difficulty describing what they covered in class that day, encourage them to talk to their teacher.

Make study time count

You can help your teen manage their time to make their revision and study as effective as possible. Try the Pomodoro Technique®, which suggests learning in 25-minute chunks.

Some students find using a whiteboard near their desk to write the topics they need to focus on helps with time management, as they can see at a glance what they need to do.

A calendar, planner or a diary with the dates of assignments, tests and exams is also helpful. By planning ahead and starting early, they can break their study up into smaller more manageable tasks and feel more in control of their workload.

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