Improving fine motor skills

Child doing up buttons on his shirt
Early years 12 months to 5 years

Fine motor skills develop when we use the smaller muscles in our hands. Children need to develop fine motor skills so they can do activities such as writing, doing up buttons and cutting with scissors.

We can show you a few easy tricks to help develop those little hand muscles: 


Tip a handful of sultanas onto a plate. Ask your child to pick up all the sultanas with their fingers. This also inspires good hand-eye coordination.

Creative drawing

Encourage your child to draw. This will help with their creativity, imagination and fine motor skills. Inviting your child to describe what they have drawn is an opportunity for developing language and creative expression.

Drawing and painting, building and making

Holding and controlling crayons, pencils and paintbrushes assists with developing fine motor skills.


Building and playing with toy bricks are a great way to improve fine motor skills. As your child gets older, replace larger blocks with smaller bricks.

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