Invisible letters

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Early years 3-6 years

Try this fun activity with your pre-schooler to help teach them letter recognition and prepare them for school!

Here’s what you need

  • Paper
  • A white crayon or candle
  • Watercolour paint (If you don’t have any watercolour paint, simply mix some water with acrylic paint, or you can use food colouring)
  • Paint brush

Here’s what to do

Using the crayon or a candle, write a letter on a piece of paper. A good way to start this activity is by writing the first letter of your child’s name.

Encourage your child to paint over the “invisible letter” with their paintbrush. Your child will be amazed to watch the invisible letter appearing as the paint dries.

Talk about the letter that has appeared. Talk about its shape, sound, and words that start with the letter.

Encourage your child to try writing the invisible letter themselves and then reveal it with the paint. Praise them for their effort (even if they haven’t formed the letter correctly), for example “Wow, that was a really good try! Great job!

Once your little one has finished with that letter, move on to another. If you feel your child is ready you might like to incorporate uppercase and lowercase letters into the activity.

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