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Australian research has found that 90% of parents believe their child benefits from being online but 60% of parents also believe their child is exposed to risks online – such as accessing inappropriate content, excessive internet use and online bullying. The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner has launched an online resource hub – iParent to help parents make sure their kids get the best out of the online world – and stay safe.

Technology – benefits and risks

Technology plays a big role in our daily lives, and young people are increasingly exposed to the online world – creating, connecting, communicating and accessing information online. Kids can use technology for many purposes, including schoolwork, entertainment and keeping in touch with friends and family. While the online world can provide great benefits for kids, children can also be exposed to risks from being online, such as contact with strangers, cyberbullying and excessive screen time.

The online world is here to stay, so it is important for young people to learn about safe practices online and how to become good digital citizens.

iParent can help

iParent is a new online resource hub where parents can learn more about the online environment and technology use for children. iParent has practical information and advice for parents of children of all ages. On iParent you will find:

  • The latest facts and stats about Aussie kids online
  • Guidance for managing technology in the home
  • Strategies to keep kids safe online
  • Information and advice on important issues like cyberbullying, social networking, sexting, and screen time

To check out this great new resource and find out how you can help to keep your child safe online, visit www.esafety.gov.au/education-resources/iparent.

Last modified on Monday 20 February 2017 [49|735]

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