Junior bargain-shoppers

5 - 11 years
Shopping list

Next time you go shopping with your child, encourage them to be your bargain-shopper to save money. This will give them confidence as well as helping with their maths skills.

How much of a discount?

Encourage your child to look out for products on sale. For instance, you might see a beach towel reduced from $12.99 to $6.99. Ask your child to work out how much money has been saved with this reduction.

Older children can use their fractions skills to solve harder problems. For instance, ask them how much a $20 lampshade would be if it were discounted by 50 per cent.

Which brand is cheaper?

Show your child a range of brands of the same product and ask them to work out which is the cheaper brand. Hint: check the shelf label for unit prices.

Which brand is Australian-made?

Identifying the country of origin of a product can be interesting and educational.

Save in bulk

This exercise is good for an older child who is learning division. Ask your child if it is cheaper to buy in bulk. For instance, a single roll of paper towel is $4.00, but a package of three rolls is $10.00. Is it more economical to buy the paper towels in bulk?

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Last modified
1 August 2019