Learning presents for littlies!

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Early years Birth to 5 years

Do you need to buy a present for a little one? These articles will help you find presents that your child will love, and that will support their learning at the same time!


What’s portable, colourful, needs no batteries, has no dangerous parts, and can delight children over and over again? Answer: a great book! This article has top tips on what to look for when choosing books for your little one. www.learningpotential.gov.au/judging-a-book-by-its-cover-what-to-look-for-in-childrens-books-2


What’s the first thing most kids associate with the word ‘present’? A toy! This article will help you find toys that give your little one hours of fun, and stimulate their learning and development. www.learningpotential.gov.au/toys-for-learning-and-development


Jigsaw puzzles are a great activity to do together contribute to your child’s learning and development? This article puts all the pieces together. www.learningpotential.gov.au/learning-piece-by-piece

Stimulating a scientific mind

Every young child is a scientist – observing, collecting data, carrying out experiments and repeating in order to develop their understanding of how the world works. This article will help you has ideas on how to encourage your child’s scientific bent including through everyday conversation, activities, and toys. www.learningpotential.gov.au/encouraging-stem-in-littlies-its-easy

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