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Primary school 5-12 years

The annual National Literacy and Numeracy Week only lasts seven days, but the website resources are available every day of the year! Here are some helpful tips for how you can support your child with their reading and maths every day.

Encourage them to read aloud

Try to listen to your child read aloud every day. In the early years of primary school, listen to your child read their home readers from school. Later, you can encourage your child to read to you from a book or comic–or whatever they are interested in reading. You can also ask your child to read you school notes, recipes, or instructions. It doesn’t matter what they read, just practising reading aloud can help your child develop more confidence in themselves as a reader. Helping you by reading recipes and instructions can give your child a sense of pride and show them how useful reading can be.

Read by example

Let your child see you reading. If you don’t read for pleasure, show your child how you look up information in cook books, instruction manuals, phone books, atlases, dictionaries or on the internet.

Bring maths into the real world

Help your child to see the real-life purpose for the maths they are learning at school. For example, at dinner time you can try asking your child, ‘How many slices will I need to cut the pizza into so that everyone has two slices?’

Some things have changed!

If you are finding it difficult to understand the way your child is learning maths at school, you’re not alone! Some things may be taught differently from when you were at school.  So, if you’re not sure how to help your child with their maths, ask your child’s teacher for advice. Some schools even offer maths information sessions for parents.

For more Literacy and Numeracy Tips for Parents, visit the National Literacy and Numeracy Week website.

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