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General 4-18 years

Does your child have a mentor? A mentor is a positive role model who can help guide your child through school and provide great support for their learning.

A mentor is a caring, supportive older friend or relative who acts as a positive role model to a young person and helps them to achieve their goals.

As a parent, your relationship with your child is the most important connection they have in their life. But having a non-parent mentor can have many benefits for children, including increasing their confidence and belief in their ability to succeed in school. They can also help reinforce and validate the guidance that you have given your child.

Encourage a mentoring relationship for your child

If your child has an older friend or relative who is responsible, encouraging and inspirational, and is someone you can trust, try to foster a mentor relationship between them. Talk to the older child (or adult) about the lessons they can share with your child from their own learning or extracurricular achievements.

Benefits to both

The mentoring relationship can be beneficial to your child and their mentor. Your child can gain a friend and learn from their mentor’s experience. Their mentor can develop increased self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment by being a role model.

School programmes

Some Australian schools conduct student mentoring or buddy programmes, which encourage older school children to look out for younger children at school. Contact your child’s school to see if they have a mentoring programme.

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