Motivating your primary school child to aim high

Motivational words on a chart
Primary school 4-12 years

Here are four ways to help motivate your child and improve their learning:


Discuss the topics they are learning and what is expected of them. Your interest will help boost your child’s self-esteem, which will increase their learning potential.

Bring fun into learning

Talk to your child about the topics they are currently learning, to see if there are supplementary fun activities you could do with them that will help with their learning. This could be anything from a trip to a museum to watching a DVD together about dinosaurs.

Errors are opportunities to learn and practice works wonders

Explain to your child that making errors and learning from them is one of our most powerful learning tools. Talk to your child about the importance of practice, which allows the learning from errors to be applied


Most children thrive on authentic encouragement and compliments, so praise them for their efforts and achievements.

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