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High school 10-18 years

Talking about news and current affairs with your teen can be very educational. You can extend their learning of the topics being studied at school and teach them awareness and understanding of the world around them.

Where to get the news

You do not have to turn on the TV at dinnertime to share news with your teen. You can talk about the news by looking online or by flicking through a magazine or newspaper together.

You could also switch on the radio news when you are in the car.

Just remember for younger children, some things in the news can be scary or upsetting. Try to filter the stories that your child sees, hears or reads to make sure that they are appropriate for your child’s age and development.

Upper-primary school

  • There is a lot of news and current affairs you can talk about with upper-primary school children to support their learning.
  • For instance, you could talk with them about topics such as space, animals and swimming. Look for topics such as the weather, environment and sport that kids might find interesting. Stories featuring art, science and history can supplement material they are learning at school.
  • Encourage your child to be aware of the news—even sports or entertainment news helps their literacy and comprehension.
  • Talking about successful sports people and other role models is a great way to show how effort and perseverance can pay off.

High school students

  • High school students certainly benefit from discussion about news and current affairs.
  • Try to talk about more substantive issues with your teen, such as the stock exchange, international events and politics as this will help them with their studies.
  • Engage in discussion about current issues to elicit an opinion from your teenager. This will help them to develop analytical skills.
  • The more current affair issues you discuss, the more you are helping them understand the world around them.

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