Presents to support learning

Happy child receiving a present from his grandfather with mother in background
Primary school 5-12 years

Do you need to buy a present for a child in primary school? These articles will help you find presents that your child will love, and that will support their learning at the same time!


What’s portable, colourful, needs no batteries, keeps up your child’s literacy skills, and can delight over and over again? Answer: a great book! This article has top tips on what to look for when choosing books for your child.


What’s the first thing most kids associate with the word ‘present’? A toy! This article will help you find toys that give your little one hours of fun, and stimulate their learning and development.


Worried about your child playing mindless games on their digital device? There are loads of entertaining apps that will help your child play, use their imagination, get creative, and learn! Check out this article for ideas on how to find them.

Outdoor Play

Are you looking for ways to encourage your child to go outside? Check out this article to learn about the benefits of outdoor play, and toys and equipment that will get your child up and active.

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