Ready, set, school!

School lunch box with fruit, sandwich and a drink bottle
Early years 4-5 years

Starting school is a big step for both you and your child. Here are some tips to help develop some skills before your child starts school:

Buttons, bubblers and lunchboxes

Your child might have buttons on their school uniform so it is a good idea to help them learn how to do up buttons. This will also help them with fine motor skills in preparation for writing. Most schools have bubblers so encourage your child to drink from a park bubbler to understand how to use it. Lunchboxes can be a bit tricky for little hands to open, so practice with your child before they start school.

School shoes

If you can, buy your child’s school shoes a month or so before school starts so they can practise walking around in them. This will help your child with their new sense of identity as a school student, and ensure the shoes are comfortable by the time they start school.

If your child’s school has a uniform, let them try it on before their first day and tell them how proud you are of them.

Practice the walk or drive to school

Help make your child become familiar with their new school. Let your child get to know the journey to school by going on a walk or driving past. If you see students from the new school, have a conversation with your child about what they are doing.

Play dates

If you know other children starting at your child’s school with them next year, consider organising a play date with them so your child knows someone when they start at school. This will help with socialisation, conversation skills and boost their confidence.

Orientation day

Contact your new school to see if there is an orientation day for new students.

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