School's out!

Primary school 4-12 years

With the end of the hectic school year, summer holidays are a chance for you and your family to take a break from the school routine and slow things down. Here are our top tips for things to do with your child these summer holidays.

Family fun time

Holidays are a great time to make sure you spend a bit of time as a family. Try to plan some fun activities to do throughout the holidays – a picnic in the park or a day trip to the beach can be great fun. You could also get your child involved in planning the activities. At the start of the holidays, ask them to write a few activity ideas down on individual pieces of paper and place them all in a jar. Then throughout the holidays, when you are looking for something to do, you can pull out an idea!


Family traditions in the holiday period can be really special – and research has shown that children who participate in family traditions experience better academic outcomes, are happier and have better emotional wellbeing. So whatever your family traditions for the holiday period are, keep doing them! You can also start up your own family tradition – it could be anything from ‘Summer Ice-Cream Sundae Sundays’ to ‘New Year’s Day – News Day’, or whatever your family would enjoy doing together!

Catch up with friends

Your child will still love to stay in touch with their school friends throughout the holidays, so try to plan a few playdates! Your child will have the chance to catch up with their friends – and you might get a bit of time out too!

Rest and relaxation

After a busy year at school, your child will probably be ready for a bit of rest and relaxation when the holidays arrive! Try to encourage your child to take some time to unwind – you don’t need an activity planned for every day of the holidays! Kids can enjoy spending a lazy day at home, playing a few board games or watching a movie just as much as a planned activity.

Leisurely learning

Just because school is out, doesn’t mean your child has to stop learning! There are still plenty of fun learning activities they can do during the holidays. Encourage your child to read a few books or keep a holiday journal, recording the activities they do each day in writing and in pictures. Helping you with the cooking could be a great way to practise their maths skills. You could also try to do some fun science experiments together – check out the CSIRO website for some great ideas!

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