Summer Holiday Challenge – 10 things to do with your child!

Three smiling  children wearing santa hats lying in the sand at the beach
Primary school 4-12 years

Looking for some fun activities to do during the summer holidays with your child? Here are some suggestions – see how many you can tick off the list!

  1. Have a picnic in the local park
  2. Take your child to a museum or gallery
  3. Make a meal with your child for your family or friends
  4. Go to the beach on a sunny day
  5. Take your child to the library to choose some books to read over the holidays
  6. Make a silly ‘Grass Head’ together
  7. Read a book under a tree with your child
  8. Play a board game – or try making one together!
  9. Have an active day with your child! Try going for a bike ride or a bushwalk in your local area.
  10. Let your child choose an activity they would like to do with you for the day!

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