Summer Holiday Challenge – 10 things to do with your little one!

Father and son walking on the beach wearning santa hats
Early years 12 months to 5 years

Looking for some fun activities to do over the summer holidays with your little one? Here are some suggestions – see how many you can tick off the list!

  1. Have a picnic together in the local park
  2. Make some Cookie Shapes together
  3. Spend a day with your extended family – grandparents, uncles, aunties or cousins
  4. Go on an Adventure with Teddy!
  5. Take your little one to the library to choose some books they would enjoy
  6. Go to the beach on a sunny day
  7. Play a game of ‘Find the hot potato
  8. Read a book together under a tree
  9. Have a sing-along to your little one’s favourite songs!
  10. Get creative and have some fun with craft together!

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