Summer Holiday Challenge – 10 things to do with your teen

Mother and teenage daughter sharing cold drinks in the sunshine
High school 11-18 years

Looking for some fun activities to do during the summer holidays with your teen? Here are some suggestions – see how many you can tick off the list!

  1. Take your teen to the library and help them find some good books to read over the holidays
  2. Help your teen plan and make a special meal for your family or friends
  3. Try something new together – it could be a new sport, different food, anything that sounds interesting!
  4. Go to the beach together on a sunny day
  5. Get your teen to do the Career Quiz and talk about the results together
  6. Have a do-nothing day together! Just relax and hang out with your teen, watch TV or lounge around the house!
  7. Take your teen to a museum or gallery
  8. Have an active day with your teen! Try going for a bike ride or a bushwalk in your local area.
  9. Have a chat about the news and current affairs with your teen
  10. Let your teen choose an activity they would like to do with you for the day!

Last modified on Monday 14 January 2019 [2571|13816]

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