The benefits of work experience

Student working in an office with a colleague
High school 14-18 years

Work experience offers a great opportunity for teens to try out a possible career before they make the decision about whether it is right for them. It also gives them a sense of what working life is like beyond the classroom.

Whether your teen knows what they want to do when they finish high school, or whether they really have no idea at all, work experience is beneficial.

Most schools offer work experience programmes to students in Years 10, 11 or 12, where young people are exposed to a range of tasks and have the opportunity to learn new skills.

On-the-job experience like this comes in handy when they apply for a job later on and need to show that they are work-ready and employable.

With some work experience behind them, they can demonstrate they have an understanding of the world of work and the skills employers are looking for.

Encourage your teenager to chat to the school career adviser and consider what future work area they’d like to try when their time comes to participate in the programme.

For more information go to:
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