The future looks bright

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General Birth to 18 years

Look at how much school has changed since you were a child. Imagine what education will be like 20 years from now.

Back in the day

Do you remember getting all your information from textbooks and the encyclopaedias in the library? Now our children access the knowledge they need from a variety of resources, including online.

Do you remember learning from equations scribbled in chalk on blackboards? Now many Australian schools have Interactive whiteboards in classrooms.

When many parents were in school, access to computers was limited, and technology in the classroom was virtually non-existent. Nowadays, children are becoming familiar with smart phones, tablets and computers as early as two years of age, and technology is being incorporated increasingly into schools and child care centres to enhance children’s learning experiences.

How you can make a difference

Your child has a bright future. You can help your child get the most out of their experiences with technology at home by guiding their screen use.

Try to make sure the content your child accesses is appropriate for their age and level of development.

Try to engage and interact with your child when they are having screen time—supervise and ask questions about what they are doing and watching.

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