The measuring cup game

Close up photo of a half full clear measuring cup
Primary school 6-10 years

This very simple maths game helps your child learn about fractions visually.

What you will need:

  • Four one-litre measuring jugs, or use milk bottles marked with 250-millilitre intervals (marking up the 250-millilitre intervals can be a learning activity in itself). A standard measuring cup is 250 millilitres.


  • Fill one measuring jug (or bottle) with water.
  • Carefully pour 250 millilitres into each of the other three jugs or bottles.
  • Ask your child how much water is left in the first jug.
  • Ask your child what fraction of a litre is in each jug.

This can be repeated using the 500 millilitres marker on the jugs or bottles.

Using the measuring jugs, experiment with the water and talk to your child about the different fractions you are making.

If you have a mid- to upper-primary child, you can talk about millilitres and litres. Explain that half a litre is 500 millilitres and a litre is 1000 millilitres. You could also talk about percentages.

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