This is the way we hang the clothes!

Woman and child hanging out washing in backyard
Early years 2-5 years

Hanging clothes on the line can become a fun and educational activity if you do it with your child. Here is how:

Sorting the pegs

Give your child the peg basket and ask them to sort the pegs into groups of colours. You could pick out one peg and ask your child to find one the same colour to hang clothes with matching pegs.

Clothing identification

Ask your child to hand you clothing items. This will help them with language and memory. For instance, ‘Please hand me Mummy’s orange T-shirt’, and ‘Now I would like you to pass me your blue shorts’.

Sing it

Make the activity even more fun with a sing-along to the tune of ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’—or make up your own tune:
This is the way we hang the clothes, hang the clothes, hang the clothes.
This is the way we hang the clothes on a bright and sunny morning.

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