Three big ideas to get your teen thinking

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High school 12-18 years

Here are three great topics that will inspire your teenager’s thinking and provoke conversation.


We know that robots are finally getting to be almost as smart as the ones that we see in sci-fi movies. How will our lives be changed by androids and artificial intelligence? Will they turn us into couch potatoes or will they help us to explore the universe? This sort of topic is easy to drop into the conversation after you’ve just seen a trailer for Star Wars or a story about Comic Con.


Sport is something many of us love to watch and participate in. But we do not always love the way it keeps changing and becoming more scientific. How far can we push the human body? And how far should we push it?


Modern science is helping us to live longer. The world’s population has exceeded seven billion now. What would the population be like if everyone lived to be 150 or 200 years old? What would this increase in lifespan mean for resources like food and water?

Talking about these sorts of things helps your teenager think about topics from lots of different angles and see the ‘how’ and ‘why’. This will stimulate their ability to dissect information and see what is really happening behind the news stories.

Every chat can enhance their ability to reason and analyse information, and may build their confidence for a whole range of school subjects.

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