Three great study tips

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High school 12-18 years

Here are three useful study tips you can encourage your teen to try to help revise their lessons at home:

Summary notes

  • Encourage your teen to summarise the topics they are learning into a few key points.
  • These can be hand written on cards, or recorded in a notes app on a smart phone or tablet.
  • By summarising, they understand their work and break down the information into smaller quantities, which can help them to better understand and remember it.

Speak out loud

Encourage your teen to read their study notes aloud. Reading out their notes can help your teen to remember information more easily. Ask them questions as they read. By thinking and responding to your questions, they will develop a better comprehension of the information.

Summarise as they go

Encourage your teen to summarise as they go, by underlining or highlighting a chapter once they have read it.

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