Three little things big kids do best!

Boy and girl reaching out across opposite sides of a large tree
Early years 2-6 years

Is your child lucky enough to have a big sister or brother, cousin or family friend? Research shows that children’s social and emotional skills can develop as a result of interacting with older children.

We know some excellent activities younger and older children can do together that will help learning for everyone:


If the older child is able to, ask them to read books to your younger child. This will give the older child a sense of maturity, while helping their reading skills and the younger child’s comprehension.

Role playing

Older children are marvellous at storytelling activities. Encourage the older child to play dress-ups, perform plays or create puppet shows with your younger child.

Leading by example

Talk to the older child about having a role as a mentor. Explain how influential they are and that you rely on them to help with your young child. Suggest positive things they can do that will be mirrored by the younger child, for instance reading, eating healthily and listening to instructions.

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