Toddler television together

Three toddlers laying down looking at something
Early years 2-5 years

Watching television together can be good in small doses. TV programmes designed for young children can be educational, stimulating and enjoyable for both your toddler and you and also provide you with ideas for activities together.

Talk about it

If there is a show that your child particularly likes, they might want to draw a picture, or re-enact part of the programme with their toys or sing some of the songs from the show.

What could happen next?

  • Make up another story following the episode just watched.
  • Think of alternative endings.

Talk about the time and day

  • When are your child’s favourite shows on (afternoon or morning)?
  • How long do the shows go for?
  • Help your child develop a concept of time.

Recalling what happened

  • Talk about lessons learned from shows watched the day before.
  • Help build information recall.

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