Toilet-roll people

Painted faces onto empty toilet rolls
Early years 3-5 years

Putting on a puppet show is an excellent way to stimulate a child’s language and storytelling skills. Creating puppets helps with creativity and fine motor skills.

Empty toilet rolls can be made into brilliant puppets. Let us show you how.

What you will need:

  • Six toilet rolls
  • Colourful felt pens
  • Glue
  • Colourful wool
  • Scrap paper such as doilies, tissue paper, wrapping paper

Together with your child:

  • Attach wool to the top of each toilet roll for hair.
  • Draw faces.
  • Glue paper onto the bottom of the toilet rolls to make clothes.

Encourage your child to think of a storyline for the play.

When everything is ready have your child hide behind the couch, propping the toilet-roll people on top of the cushions and let the show begin.

You do not have to make puppets to create a play. Your child’s plastic animals, figurines and teddy bears can also be used as characters in plays.

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