Toys for your child

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Early years Birth to 5 years

Toys are fantastic learning tools. They can teach children social skills, help with fine motor skills and encourage storytelling.

They need to be safe

Safety is the most important issue when picking toys for children. Avoid products with little pieces and loose parts. Look for the age the toy is designed for, which will be written on the packaging.

Creative play

Have you got a fancy dress box? Preschoolers have vivid imaginations and costumes like capes, tiaras and toolsets can make for hours of fun and shape those creative minds.

Long-term toys

Try to look for toys that your child will be able to play with over and over again. Jigsaw puzzles, blocks and games are great additions to any toy-box

You don’t need to spend a lot of money

Remember preschoolers can get just as much joy out of rolling ping-pong balls through old cardboard cylinders as they do from expensive toys.

Toy library

Look out for a toy library. They operate in the same way as book libraries and mean your child can experience the pleasure of playing with a new toy without you having to fork out money for them.

Rotate toys

Rather than let all your child’s toys fill up the toy-box, pack some away when they are not playing with them. When you bring them out again it will be an exciting new discovery experience.

Putting toys away

When possible, involve your child in packing away their toys. Make it a game for instance, ‘Help me remember where Teddy lives. Does he live in the doll’s house?’ This fosters sorting skills and builds their confidence as they help you.

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