Water, water everywhere

Woman and child giving a doll a bath
Early years Birth to 5 years

Water play is an amazing tool for your child’s development. It is inexpensive and fun to play in, and it teaches children maths and science in a very sensory experience.

Stay safe

Remember to always supervise your children when they’re around water and keep the towels handy because chances are you’ll have a wet child at the end of it!

How can you create a water play area for your child?

Do it outside! It can make for very wet children. Water play can be as easy as filling a jug with water and giving your child a plastic cup to empty and refill the jug. They can have hours filling the jug up with water and tipping it out again.

Add ice

Put blocks of ice in your child’s water play tub, or better still put a pea or similar into the ice cube tray before you freeze it. Your child will love watching the ice melt and the pea come free while learning some science.

Lemonade stand

Give your child a few cups and let them serve you your favourite drinks by pretending to make them.

Bath time for dolly

Put some of your child’s toys in the water such as a doll or toy dinosaur. Your child can give the dinosaur a bath or clean its teeth.

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