‘When I grow up I want to be’: nurturing your child’s ambition

Kids dressed up as various professions - such as a policeman, nurse, fireman, construction worker
Primary school 4-12 years

Do you have a budding journalist in your house? What about a wanna-be Olympic swimmer? Know someone who seems to be doing some sort of experiment every time you look?

Here are a few tips to helping your child explore their dreams:

Build on their interests

When your child expresses an interest in a hobby, sport or other area, talk about it with them. See if there are any books at your local library about the topics that interest them. You could read these together. You could also view articles and videos online together.

Set goals

Explain to your child that their hobby, sport or area of interest can be great fun, and encourage them not to place unrealistic expectations on themselves.

Make plans

Keep conversation flowing about your child’s interest. Talk about what they’d like to achieve in their areas of interest in the next month or even year.

Last modified on Friday 28 April 2017 [2486|11896]

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