Word chains party game

A young girl whispering into another young girls ear
Early years 4-5 years

This party game can stimulate imagination, expand language and get some discussion and laughter going.

Playing is easy. Children sit in a circle and the first person whispers a word in the ear of the person beside them. For example, say that word is ‘dolphin’. The next child whispers a word they associate with ‘dolphin’ to the next person. That word might be ‘show’. The next child whispers a word connected to ‘show’; they might think of ‘clown’ and so on.

Depending on the size of the group, stop after a minute or two (or a couple of rounds) and ask the child who started what their word was. No one will believe it. How did that happen?

The game does not have to be whispered to be fun. It can be played out loud, including on long drives. It encourages children (and adults) to think quickly and stretch their vocabularies. Everyone will be amazed at how far away from the source word the group can get, in just a few minutes.

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