Baby explorers!

Up to 1 years
Baby playing in leaves

Your baby learns so much in the first two years of their life. Their little brain is constantly developing new connections as they explore their world. They are learning through their senses and discovering their capabilities and limitations. You can help your baby to understand themselves and the world around them by supporting them in their exploration, and giving them the opportunity to figure things out for themselves.

Safety first

Your baby needs a safe environment to explore, where they can play and discover freely – knowing that you are there to help when they need it.

Developing senses

Your baby starts learning about the world around them through their senses. Interactions through touch, sight, sound and even putting objects in their mouths will help them understand the world and how things work. Let your baby explore the things around them – try taking them outside and allow them to touch the leaves and grass, and get their fingers dirty!

Problem solving

During these developing years your baby will start to hold objects such as their bottle, books and toys. Encourage them to explore their new skills. When they shake a rattle and hear a sound, they are learning cause and effect. When they drop their teddy on the ground, they are learning about gravity. By trying to fit a block into a hole, they are learning about shapes and sizes. Try to let you baby discover things for themselves through their natural trial and error play.

Support learning

Watch your baby as they play and explore and help them to follow their interests. If your little one is trying to roll over to reach an interesting object, encourage them to go as far as they can by themselves and then bring it close enough so that they can get it and explore it.

Show them how – then let them try!

Babies and young children learn a lot through imitation. If your baby is getting frustrated trying to do something, try showing them how to do whatever it is they are trying to do, then let them try for themselves.

Sense of independence

Through exploring their world your baby is learning and is also gaining a sense of independence, which will help develop their self-confidence. Encouraging your baby to figure out things for themselves and how the world works is a big part of learning.


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Last modified
18 April 2020