Bowled over

3 - 4 years
Plastic water bottles

This fun maths activity creates a bowling alley with empty plastic bottles with painted numbers. It helps to teach number recognition and counting – all important early maths skills. The rolling of the ball towards the bottle encourages hand-eye coordination.

What you need

  • Ten empty plastic bottles with the numbers 1 to 10 written on them
  • A small ball (such as a tennis ball or small soccer ball)

How to play

  • Place the bottles in a triangular shape, ordered by number as follows:


          2    3

      4     5    6

    7    8    9    10
  • Ask your child to roll the ball to knock the bottles over.
  • Show your child the numbers of the bottles they knocked over.

    Look, you knocked over number five and number eight. 
  • Count how many bottles were knocked over and how many remained standing.
  • The person who knocks over the most bottles wins! 
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Last modified
19 April 2020