Making the most of the holidays

12 - 18 years

School holidays are a chance for your teenager to have a break, recharge their batteries, and explore their interests without the pressures of school. It is also a great opportunity for you to spend some unhurried time together. Here are some ideas to help your teen make the most of the break.

Rest and relax!

After a hectic term or year at school, try giving your teenager a bit of time to sleep in and enjoy lounging around the house without pressure to do anything particular. You could probably do with some time out too – try setting aside a day to just relax and hang out with your teen, watch a movie or TV show, or make lunch together and sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Get stuck into a book

The holidays are a great time to enjoy a good book. If your teen feels like reading a book they will be studying next year that’s great, but if they just want to read for pleasure or read up on a topic of interest – that’s great too! If the weather is good, encourage your teen to make the most of it and take their reading outside – in the garden, at the beach or under a tree in the park.

Connect with friends and family

Reconnecting with friends and family and spending some unrushed time together over the holidays is great for your teenager. You could encourage your teen to help plan a family lunch or host a dinner party with their friends.

Reflect and plan ahead

Encourage your teen to spend some time to reflect on how they went at school over the past term or year. What things did they enjoy? What achievements are they most proud of? What would they like to be different next term/year? Encourage your teen to identify some goals for the coming term/year, and help them a make a plan for how they will achieve them.

Set a challenge

If your teen enjoys getting into a project, try encouraging them to complete a ‘challenge’ over the holidays. It could be anything from designing and making a website, planting a herb or veggie garden, making a movie from old photos or learning how to change a car tyre – whatever sparks their interest.

Holiday job / volunteering

Holidays are a great opportunity for your teen to take on a job or volunteer position, especially during the long summer break. It's a great way for them to learn life skills, meet new people, explore possible careers, develop confidence, and get experience for their resume. If your teenager wants to volunteer, look for opportunities that relate to their interests and skills – hospitals, animal shelters, and nursing facilities can be good places to start.

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Last modified
17 December 2020