Nets, strings and grids

10 - 11 years
Everyday ways to help your child with numeracy
hands folding paper

Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia

Art is a great way for your child to do some hands-on learning of maths concepts such as grids, 3D shapes and nets (paper patterns that you cut and fold to make 3D shapes).

You can find lots of inspiration and instructions on the internet. Here are three ideas to get your child started.

  • Explore 3D shapes by making a 3D streetscape or sculpture created with nets. To find patterns, search for 3D nets.
  • Explore shapes and patterns by creating string art. All you need is a flat board, small nails, and coloured thread. To find design ideas and instructions, search for string art.
  • Learn about scale and ratios by using gridlines to copy a drawing, or to make it larger or smaller. To find tutorials, search for grid drawing method.


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Last modified
14 April 2020