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8 - 10 years
Everyday ways to help your child with literacy and numeracy
Kids in the backseat of car

Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia.

It’s easy to make up travel games that merge in some literacy and numeracy practice. Here are a few to get you on the road.

  • Licence Plate Lingo
    Take the letters from a licence plate
    Think of a word that includes all the letters
    Score one point if the letters are in a different order to the licence plate, and two points if they're in the same order.
    Example: if the plate is ABC123:
      cab, back and Cuba score one point
      abacus and anti-bacterial score two points.
  • Twin Letters develops your child’s speed reading skills:
    Choose two random letters
    Spot signs that feature those two letters.
  • Cool Cars is a great way to expand vocabulary:
    Pick a vehicle
    Think of two adjectives to describe the vehicle itself
    Then two adverbs to describe how it is moving.
  • Guess the Part
    Choose a part of the car and describe what it does (without naming it)
    See if the other person can name it.
    Example: You use it to make the car turn. (Answer: steering wheel)
  • Mega Numbers practices large numbers and number order
    Take the numbers from a license plate or a sign
    Reorder the digits to make the largest number possible.
    Example: JK3916 becomes 9631
  • Sign Sum Challenge
    Pick a number that you see on a sign
    Take turns to make sums that equal that number.
    Example: if the number is 80, the sums could be 79 + 1, or 100 – 20, or 150 – 70, or 8 x 10, or 160 ÷ 2.



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Last modified
7 April 2020