Pet issues

10 - 11 years
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Child with pet cat

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If your child is passionate about pets, a research project could be a great way to get them thinking about, researching and discussing an issue that’s important to them. Here are some questions they could consider:

  • What are the benefits of having a pet? What are the disadvantages?
  • Are there benefits and disadvantages of the specific pet you own (or want)?
  • What is the general perception of your pet in the community? How is it presented in the media?
  • Does your pet need to be registered and/or desexed? Why/why not? How much would it cost? Is there a fine if you don’t do it?
  • If you buy this type of pet, where would it come from? How would you know that it was bred humanely? Could you get one from an animal shelter such as the RSPCA?
  • What are your responsibilities as a pet owner? What would happen to your pet if you went on holiday?
  • Where would your pet live? What training would you and your pet need? What would happen if your pet had behavioural issues?
  • Does this type of pet have any common diseases or genetic conditions? What vaccinations are recommended?
  • What is the average life expectancy of this type of pet? Can you commit to taking care of it for its entire life?
  • Is this type of pet common in Australia? How many are there?
  • What are the different costs of keeping this pet (eg food, vet, equipment). How much would it cost per week or per year?


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Last modified
14 April 2020