Pet projects

8 - 10 years
Everyday ways to help your child with literacy and numeracy
Boy with pet dog

Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia

Pets give children the opportunity to learn about responsibility, unconditional love ... and research skills! Pick one of these ideas to inspire your child to do a 'pet project' about a family pet, a pet they know, or a pet they would like to have.

  • research your pet’s health needs. How does your pet’s diet differ from yours? Are any human foods bad for your pet?
  • compare the lists of ingredients on different pet food packages. In what ways are they the same? How do they differ? Is one product better value than the other? What about quality?
  • calculate the cost of feeding your pet for a week. Round up the cost per item and estimate the answer. What about a different brand?
  • if your pet is in an aquarium, cage or aviary, work out how many cubic centimetres your pet has to swim, jump or fly by calculating the volume (for straight-sided objects, multiply length x width x height)
  • if you have an aquarium, measure how many litres of water are needed to fill the aquarium. Compare it to how much water you drink in a week, or how much you use in a shower
  • keep track of your pet's growth using an appropriate measure – eg length, height or mass. Record the measurements and create a graph
  • write a diary in your pet’s voice, making it as interesting as possible
    Today my family took me on my favourite walk. I had great fun bounding all over the place, sniffing under bushes, and meeting other dogs. When we got home I was so exhausted I just flopped onto the ground … until Miyuki called me for dinner!



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8 April 2020