Preparing for high school

10 - 11 years

The later years of primary school are a good time to start preparing your child for high school. You can help them with these tips:

Show enthusiasm

Start talking about high school with your child throughout the year leading up to the start of high school. Be positive and discuss the things about going to high school that you know they will be interested in—it could be an opportunity to try out for a school band, or to engage in experiments in science. Discuss the subjects they might learn and the friends they might meet.

Listen and acknowledge their concerns

Discuss with your child what they think going to high school will be like. What do they think their classes will be like? What are they most looking forward to? How many kids do they know from their primary school who will be going to their high school? Listening to your child talk may give you some indication of their concerns. If they have concerns, let your child know that you take them seriously, and together work out ways to address them.

Get your child used to their new school

If you can, drive or walk past the high school your child will attend occasionally, and comment on it. For instance, you might talk about the nice garden or the fact that it has a basketball court. This will familiarise your child with the school. Most high schools hold an orientation day to help new students and their parents become familiar with the school. This may include a school tour, meeting fellow students and teachers, and taking part in special lessons and activities. This is a great opportunity for your child to get to know their new school.

Introduce or enhance study routines

Prepare your child for the likely increase in homework by establishing study routines and preparing a study area free from distractions.

Begin or increase focus on time management

Help your child to start scheduling their study and extracurricular activities on a calendar or wall planner, so they appreciate the power of time management.

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Last modified
17 April 2020