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8 - 10 years
Everyday ways to help your child with literacy and numeracy
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Recipes are full of opportunities for your child to practise literacy and numeracy, with the promise of delicious food at the end! Follow these tips to cook up some learning with your child:

  • talk about how different recipe books are organised and indexed
    This cookbook is organised by ingredients, but that one is organised by meals.
    This index lets you look up recipes by name and by their main ingredients. That's really useful!
  • ask your child to check if you have all the equipment and ingredients for a recipe
  • if you're missing something, talk about whether you can substitute something else
    If we don't have parmesan cheese, we can use pizza cheese instead. 
  • teach your child what different cooking terms mean – eg steam, simmer, stir fry, bake, baste, braise
  • use rich vocabulary to describe tastes and textures – eg salty, spicy, soggy, crisp, crunchy, creamy
  • challenge your child to work out different ways to measure the same amount
    Can you work out two ways to measure 1 ½ cups of flour? That's right, three ½ cups, or one ½ cup plus one whole cup.
  • ask your child to help estimate and subtract when you are measuring
    We need 100g. How many scoops do you think that is?
    How many more grams do we need to get to 250g?
  • ask your child to help calculate times.
    How long does this recipe take to prepare and cook?
    If we start now, when will it be ready?
    If we want it to be ready at 6pm, when would we need to start?



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Last modified
7 April 2020